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  • Babydoll & Chemise

    Babydoll & Chemise (2)

    Babydoll and Chemise is what you'll find here. All gorgeous styles of body-hugging chemises for comfortable lounging or club nights out. Flirty babydolls in flowing materials of all colors are waiting for you. Take your pick based on your favorite designs.
  • Delicate Lingerie Care (1)

    Delicate Lingerie Care

    Delicate Lingerie Care is important. Lingerie that is not laundered properly has a short lifespan. No one wants to see the money they've spent on beautiful delicate garments end up in the trash! This is why we have partnered with Eucalan Delicate Wash as the BEST way to care for your lingerie closet investments. Eucalan Delicate Wash is available in 5 scents of Eucalyptus, Jasmine Wrapture, Lavender, Natural Unscented  and Grapefruit We recommend any of these no-rinse eco-friendly laundry alternatives. Each one has low suds and natural antiseptic properties. This is very important for clothing that contacts your intimate areas. Eucalan contains a touch of lanolin to naturally condition fibers. This keeps the fibers keeping your lingerie as beautiful as the day one. A perfect alternative to harsh chemical detergents for delicate lingerie care! No one looks sexy with their lingerie clinging strangely to them! The formula can help to control static cling. It is a special benefit that rescues you from those little annoying static shocks. For those who are sensitive to scents...Eucalan's Natural Unscented Delicate Wash is for you. It is Eucalan - unscented and bare-naked. It has no added chemicals to hide the natural scent of the product. Eucalan and our lingerie. The perfect combo for looking your goddess best!
  • Fantastic Fantasy Cosplay Costumes

    Fantastic Fantasy Cosplay Costumes (5)

    Fantastic Fantasy Cosplay Costumes

    Fantastic Fantasy Cosplay Costumes are for our fun and adventurous Lords and Goddesses. We are happy to be able to bring you traditional bedroom costumes! When it's time to deliver some sexual healing, wear one of our sexy nurse outfits. Furry Animals or Dolls at play will add creative fun to your next encounter. Let's not forget how opposites attract! Try themed costumes. Angels vs. Devils, or Cowgirls and Indians are timeless favorites. Bring justice to your playground with an active scene of Cops vs. Inmate. Create your version of Alice In Wonderland, Sexy Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood. Exotic Dancers and Intimate Entertainers will love finding pieces they can add to their current wardrobe. New pieces are always a good find. CCGoddess stocks some of the most interesting found online. Grant wishes as a kind fairy or trickster genie! Our Fantastic Fantasy CoSplay Costumes leave the details up to you. Always refer to the complete product description for tips on style, fit and caring for your costume.
  • GodWear for Men

    GodWear for Men (1)

  • Lady Goddess Wear

    Lady Goddess Wear (10)

  • Lingerie Collections

    Lingerie Collections (11)

    Lingerie Collections

    CCGoddess Lingerie Collections. Inventory  includes Bridal Lingerie, Teddies, Baby Dolls, Chemise, Gowns, Bustiers, Corsets, Bras, Panty Sets, G-strings, Thongs, Boy Shorts, Stockings,
  • Madame Goddess Wear

    Madame Goddess Wear (3)

  • Sea Goddess Fishnet Mesh Lingerie

    Sea Goddess Fishnet Mesh Lingerie (1)

    Sea Goddess Fishnet Mesh Lingerie

    Sea Goddess Fishnet Mesh Lingerie is where you'll find great options for your love of fishnet! Capture your intended prey with fishnet styles that range from classic pin-up girl to no-nonsense dominatrix. We have various colors and designs that are sure to ensnare your lover.

    Fishnet Mesh Size

    One of the first variables with fishnet and mesh lingerie is meshing size. Meshing size refers to the size of the openings in the netting. It can range from very fine to wide. Fine, or small-gauge meshing is more subtle. The finer mesh makes it more appropriate for conservative occasions. Wide net makes a bolder statement It works well for clubwear and fancy dress costumes. Wider fishnet gives off an edgier, sexy look. Any fishnet style is an attractive way to show off your goddess intimate glow! Be sure to read the full description of items that look interesting. It is the best way to find the best fit, care and styling tips for your lingerie.
  • Sexy Gowns | Bridal Sets

    Sexy Gowns | Bridal Sets (1)

    Sexy Gowns | Bridal Sets

    Sexy Gowns are what you will find here! Wear gowns like negligees and peignoir sets are for those sultry romantic escapades with your partner. Perfect for a new bride or sensuous woman. Negligees provoke strong sexual responses. They tend to have sheer, free-flowing materials. These gowns are usually trimmed with delicate lace or satin details. Negligees are long length gowns that are comfortable for wearing around the house while innocently turning up your sex appeal a few notches! You'll look irresistible and feminine. Somehow you manage to seem unaware of your alluring power. Just the way a true goddess should! Bridal  Sets can include traditional peignoir sets. These are usually a wispy gown with a matching robe. Peignoir sets usually consist of layers of semi-sheer fabric with a peek of silk or lace. The robe that accompanies the gown seems modest. The underlying gown with sheer materials is a contemporary look. Both of these gorgeous styles can be further enhanced by the type of panty worn beneath. Jewelry consisting of pearls, rhinestones, and sparkling colored stones are perfect for a completed look!
  • Sister Goddess Wear

    Sister Goddess Wear (11)

  • Teddies Lingerie

    Teddies Lingerie (2)

    Wonderful peek style teddies in stretchy mesh or lace are waiting to entrance your admirers for naughty play time!

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