Conditioning And Care For Your LEATHER FETISH WEAR


How to Maintain Leather


Conditioning Leather

Leather should be conditioned frequently so it does not become too stiff. Conditioning also assists in maintaining leather products for long-term use. It requires the use of a leather conditioner product or a combination of linseed oil and white vinegar (use a half cup of white vinegar and one cup of linseed oil) and a specialized leather cleaner, such as saddle soap. First the leather needs to be cleaned and hung in an area well ventilated. The leather needs to be completely dry because conditioning it. Rub the conditioner on using a soft cloth in a circular motion. After ten minutes, wipe off excess with another clean towel.

Washing Leather

Because leather is an expensive product, it is important to know the proper way to clean it if it acquires a stain. Washing leather is a risky endeavor because it can cause the appearance of the leather to change. Before using a cleaner on leather, such as saddle soap, always test it on the least visible area of the product to ensure color distortion does not occur. Do not use strong detergents, but rather a product that will maintain the natural lubricating oils of leather, not get rid of them. Avoid cleaners that leave residues. Do not use a lot of water as it can ruin the material. Let leather air dry.

Storing Leather

If the leather fetish garment is to be hung, put it on padded, broad hangers as metal wire hangers will distort the leather’s shape. Do not store leather garments in containers or plastic bags because the leather will not be able to breathe and it will dry out. Keep all leather fetish wear stored in dry, cool places, not in hot and/or damp areas. It is possible to stuff leather sleeves and legs with paper (acid-free) to keep the shape and prevent the leather from becoming damp.