Men: Is Labor Pain In Childbirth Overrated?

Are Women The Weaker Sex?

Many women wish that their partners could have a glimpse into what they go through during labor. Women have been considered the weaker sex throughout time and yet are strong enough to endure great spasms of pain. Some of the contractions women experience during childbirth can continue over 24 hours. More couples are taking up the challenge to see if the men could endure simulations of labor pain as experienced by women of all sizes.

Sexy Is As Sexy Does-The Art Of Mood Setting For Passion

Rely On Your Senses

Our senses tell us what’s going on in the world around us. They are also major participants in unbridled passion. Our lover’s scent, the way we can’t stop looking at them, or the feel of our lips on theirs. The scent of their body or favorite fragrance, the sounds of their pleasure and the heat of their skin, all involves our senses. Let’s see how we can apply our senses to create an immersion into passion.

Conditioning And Care For Your LEATHER FETISH WEAR

Leather is one of the most durable materials in BDSM. Garments and equipment can carry a hefty price depending on the quality of the leather. As leather is a favorite fetish material. CCGoddess Lingerie wants you to get the best value from your investment. Proper conditioning, care and storage of your leather fetish items are key to your leather lasting a lifetime.

Beyond The Sheets – How To Captivate Your Partner!

We hear all the time that opposites attract!. What creates the strongest bond among human groups is our  acknowledgement that things are easier when one shares involvement. When it comes to new relationships: sexual attraction and dating are usually the first ways we introduce ourselves to others. Let’s explore sexuality and partner attraction today! SEXUAL …

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