Intimate Apparel: Who Is It For?

Who Wears Intimate Apparel?

Let’s take a look at intimate apparel and the role it has come to play in modern society. Most will say that intimate apparel is for women or more specifically, for a woman to wear to entice her lover. Most heterosexual males are of this mainstream opinion. You may be surprised to find that many women today do not agree. corset.laurie.ct_1_largeThese are the women who have found confidence in their sexual appetites. They are attracted to a man that will throw on a pair of form fitting, or see through mesh briefs without a care. The men who take the extra step to please them visually and not with technique or performance alone are their treasure. Today the term “lingerie” is more often referred to as “intimate apparel” as it has progressed beyond the red light district affiliations typically associated with women who wore these garments. The fashion industry has broadened to include seductive male attire on a larger scale. More men are wearing these items which had previously been purchased mainly by male exotic dancers for their performances.

The History of Prostitution and Lingerie

For many centuries, across various nations seductive clothing was associated with women who performed sexual acts. These women were known by many names:  Zonah and Kedeshah (Hebrew), Porne (Greek), Meretrix (Rome), Oiran (Japan),  geisha’s, courtesans, and the like. Many women courtesan 1who prostituted themselves where required to be registered and pay taxes as well. Overall, they came from many walks of life. Some willingly and others having been sold into the profession. Many of them were the favored bed-mates of wealthy men of court. However, they were free to live independently and amass their own fortunes. Unlike mistresses, the courtesans did not seek to have the love-or children of their wealthy lovers. These women were often required to be easily identified by their type of dress in order to conduct their business within a city. In more modern times, prostitution has been more regulated by governments. Workers are subjected to weekly healthcare checks and usually work from an established setting instead of from seedy locations such as streets or flop-house type motels as most perceive.

Intimate Apparel Goes Mainstream

male prostitute 1Intimate apparel has progressed from brothels, racy gentlemen’s clubs, and male stripper attire to the modern bedroom. Intimate apparel is worn by folks of almost every sexual subculture beyond heterosexuality. It includes erotic fantasy costumes, bondage wear and sexual humor in an array of fabrics, colors, designs and genres. The industry has placed attention to how intimate apparel can meet consumer demands for expanded role-play options. More men are becoming comfortable in purchasing what they want to wear in the bedroom instead of leaving the shopping choices to their partners. Here at CCGoddess Lingerie we offer an intriguing selection of men’s intimates. You can view some of our selections here at our GODWEAR FOR MEN page.

Intimate Apparel For Everyone!

Wearing intimate apparel is no longer taboo. Women wear it. Couples wear it. Men wear it too! Here at CCGoddess Lingerie we encourage each of you to enhance your bedroom glow by offering a variety of selections for your taste. To view our latest selections, take a peep at CCGoddess LINGERIE BOUTIQUE

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