Men: Is Labor Pain In Childbirth Overrated?

Men: Is Labor Pain During Childbirth Overrated?

Are Women The Weaker Sex?

Can man handle labor pain?
Can a man handle labor pain?

Some men believe that the  labor pain women experience in childbirth could not be as awful as they have heard. Many women wish that their partners could have a glimpse into what they go through during labor.Women have been considered the weaker sex throughout time and yet are strong enough to endure great spasms of pain. Some of the contractions women experience during childbirth can continue over 24 hours. More couples are taking up the challenge to see if the men could endure simulations of labor pain as experienced by women of all sizes.

The Experiment

The video below shares the trial of two husbands who have agreed to have electrodes attached to their abdomens in order to simulate the spasms of childbirth labor pain.  In the beginning of the footage, the men are light-hearted and seem to scoff at the intensity of the pain as “exaggerated”. Once the electrodes are attached and the physician begins to simulate the pains as they would naturally occur from the milder beginning stages to the strongly intense waves experience at the onset of true labor where in a woman, the child would be making it’s way into the birth canal. The men can be seen writhing in pain, snapping at their wives who between giggles make attempts to comfort them. At the conclusion, both have changed their views and one even praises his mom as a superhero for her endurance during his own birth.

What Is Your Opinion?

After watching the video, we are curious to hear your feedback from both sexes as to how this experiment: 

  • Did the video effect your views of childbirth?
  • Would this be useful as an educational tool against teen pregnancy?
  • Could something like this help couples to bond during the childbirth experience?
  • Do you feel differently about the stamina and fortitude of women, your partner or mothers?
  • Should men be required to participate in scenarios such as this during childbirth preparation classes? 

Share your responses to any of these questions in the comment field below. If you really like this article, feel free to share it with others!

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