Sexy Gowns | Bridal Sets

Sexy Gowns are what you will find here!

Wear gowns like negligees and peignoir sets are for those sultry romantic escapades with your partner. Perfect for a new bride or sensuous woman.

Negligees provoke strong sexual responses. They tend to have sheer, free-flowing materials. These gowns are usually trimmed with delicate lace or satin details.

Negligees are long length gowns that are comfortable for wearing around the house while innocently turning up your sex appeal a few notches!

You’ll look irresistible and feminine. Somehow you manage to seem unaware of your alluring power. Just the way a true goddess should!

Bridal  Sets can include traditional peignoir sets. These are usually a wispy gown with a matching robe.

Peignoir sets usually consist of layers of semi-sheer fabric with a peek of silk or lace. The robe that accompanies the gown seems modest. The underlying gown with sheer materials is a contemporary look.

Both of these gorgeous styles can be further enhanced by the type of panty worn beneath.

Jewelry consisting of pearls, rhinestones, and sparkling colored stones are perfect for a completed look!

  • Divinity Blue Revelation Gown reveal pose

    Divinity Blue Revelation Gown


    Divinity Blue Revelation Gown

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    Divinity Blue Revelation Gown
    Divinity Blue Revelation Gown is a gorgeous floor length gown made of sheer material. It has a plunging v-neckline. Open side slits and cleavage displays lattice-style criss-cross detailing. Has underbust elastic for shaping. Flowing blue gown is detailed at neckline and open sides with black lace trim. Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.