Sexy Is As Sexy Does-The Art Of Mood Setting For Passion

Mood Setting For Passion

The art of mood-setting for passion can seem a daunting task. There can be feelings of anxiety when we want a perfectly special night with our lover. Here are some tips from the Goddess Shay to make it easy and stress-free for you.

Rely On Your Senses

Our senses tell us what’s going on in the world around us. They are also major participants in unbridled passion. Our lover’s scent, the way we can’t stop looking at them, or the feel of our lips on theirs. The scent of their body or favorite fragrance, the sounds of their pleasure and the heat of their skin, all involves our senses. Let’s see how we can apply our senses to create an immersion into passion.

The Role Our Senses Play For Mood Settings

Inspiring Passion Through Scent

As humans, our pheromones are nature’s gift to us. It allows us to send signals of our sexual state. Those who pick up on our personal scent follow their noses to determine if we would be a suitable sexual partner based on the initial attraction our scent emits.

Couple with wildflowers
Let the sweet aromas of your environment serve you as a perfect tool for passion

Set the mood for passion simply using easily found items that give subtle long lasting scent.

The most readily available ways of surrounding ourselves in pleasing fragrance are billion dollar industries in perfumes and colognes, air fresheners, laundry and bath products, scented candles, oils and incense. These are profitable because smelling good is attractive to others. It represents cleanliness, calm and order. 

If you want to use the traditional methods of plug-in or motion activated sprayers, scented candles, oils and incense, Those are perfectly fine. Consider creative alternatives as well.

Vases with dried eucalyptus or lavender are refreshing, calming and nice to look at. Car fresheners can be hidden discreetly behind dressers, closet doors, headboards with the only trouble of a strip of tape to secure them. If you have lampshades in dark colors, taping a freshener to the inside of the lamp shades will intensify the scent from the heat of the light bulb. Tucking dryer sheets into pillow cases and underneath sheets immerses the bed linens in enticing scents.

A small glass bowl can be decorated with small glass marbles from a gardening or pet supply store, fill with 1 part water, 2 parts alcohol like vodka or coconut rum. Add drops of essential oils or extracts like lavender, lemon, vanilla, ginger etc. This is NOT for drinking but works well as the alcohol will draw bad scents out will the oils and extracts release fragrance. The water helps to slow the evaporation of the alcohol for longevity of the scent. The marbles are for decor, even a few drops of food coloring can make things visually interesting

Inspiring Passion With Sound

“Music has charms to soothe a savage breast,” as written by the poet William Congreve. This means that music draws emotions out of

Music is a background mood setter with delicious subliminal messages
Music is a background mood setter with delicious subliminal messages

us of which passion is one. Sexy music does not have to be a slow dragging tempo. It can be a bit lively but the correct volume level is the key. In a romantic setting, music should not be so loud that you have to lean towards each other to hear or reply to your partner. If you go the traditional route of slower tunes with suggestive messages or declarations of love, put together a playlist that alternates emotional love songs with music that has erotic pounding beats and lyrics. For example, begin with about 6 favorite songs that you both like to listen to. These can be played during initial conversation, dining, and/or cocktails. When these songs end, chances are the two of you are settled into comfortable chat and feeling the need for closeness. The second wave of selections can consist of 3 or 4 love songs of increasingly slower tempo. This can lead to the “make out” stage of foreplay. Follow this up with another 6 songs of more intimate and sexy music which will set the background for the two of you as your passions begin to unleash toward fulfillment. Complete your playlist with an emotional song or two before raising the tempo back to moderate beat for your “recovery” stage. You can hold each other and bask in the appreciation of each other for a bit before returning to the regular types of songs you both like.

Creating Passion For The Eyes

Now that your Passion Pit is invitingly scented, you’ll want it to look inviting. Soften the light in the room. If you have lights with a dimmer

Our eyes help us to pick up cues from our environment. Leave sexy clues for your partner to find and enjoy!
Our eyes help us to pick up cues from our environment. Leave sexy clues for your partner to find and enjoy!

switch you’re good to go. If you don’t you can soften light like this: Use lamps or other accent lighting instead of overhead lights. Place sheer fabric scarves in contrasting colors across the top of your lampshades in the room. For imparting a sense of warmth, use colors at the red end of the spectrum—pink, orange, amber, yellow. And for coolness, use colors at the cool end such as violet, blue, and green. Be aware that blue, blue green, and green detract from the human complexion and, when used indiscriminately, produce ghastly effects. You can also color-match from another furniture object in the room. The light will still penetrate but with a softened glow. The colored fabric of the scarves will add pops of color, or help to create a seamless pulled together look as well. Make sure the bed is freshly made with a new hotel room look. Try propping up the pillows against the headboard or wall if you don’t have a headboard. Of course you want clean matching linens for the best presentation. Make sure that the sheets are smoothed and pulled tight. If you use a blanket, spread or comforter, unless it is freezing in the room it is probably best to leave the heavier covers folded halfway down toward the foot of the bed as they will most likely just get tangled up in legs and end on the floor anyway. Finishing touches can be a sprinkle of flower petals around or on the bed. You can go for an old fashioned hand-written love letter placed in the center of the bed with a bouquet of flowers, a small gift or picture of the two of you. If you are familiar with your partner’s size and taste, leave a new lingerie

Look Into Your Partners Eyes For What Should Happen Next
Look Into Your Partners Eyes For What Should Happen Next

piece with a simple message on a blank card that reads something like…”You are magnificent!” ,”I’ll always love you!”, “You are my passion!”, “You are my  inspiration!” “You are forever sexy!”  

These sentiments will work wonders and your partner will be happy to put the gift to good use. You can also have a chilled bottle of wine or champagne nearby with two glasses at the ready. Be sure to place the ice bucket on a small towel to absorb sweating. Passion shows in the eyes, glances of appreciation for your partners beauty and/or physique can lead both of you to the sheets. Looking at your partner during lovemaking is an intense method of communication. Take advantage of this when you can. A bowl or platter of chilled fruit is a wonderful visual expression. This moves us to another section of using taste to create passion.




 Inviting Passion Through Taste

Fruit Arrangement
Fruits like These Are Excellent Visual And Taste Mood Setters!

Taste is the second most intimate part of passion preceded by the sense of touch. Here are ways to involve the taste-buds for a memorable experience. Use fruit that can be hand fed to each other. Seedless grapes, cubes of cantaloupe or honey dew melon, pineapple chunks or slices, seedless orange slices, strawberries, and peeled bananas sliced into strips will make feeding each other a nice and very sexy thing to do. Jello cubes work nicely as well as flavored ice cubes for those who don’t mind cool kisses to their skin. Those of us who enjoy oral exploration can play with flavored syrups or pre-warmed frosting flavors. If you are daring, try going down on your partner with or after sucking a peppermint candy or mentholated cough drop. These create a mild tingling sensation on the clitoris and tip of the penis, making them more sensitive to your oral finesse. You can also purchase edible flavored massage oils and body paints to use. To step it up a notch, have your partner to wear a blindfold or eye-mask. A silky scarf, robe sash or stockings will work in a pinch. This forces your partner to focus on their taste-buds as you feed them. You can make a game of it having them to identify flavors. The sight of their open mouth and waiting tongue is a great stimulate too!

Releasing Passion Through Touch

This is the grand finale you’ve been preparing for. All of the things above unite into the revelation of the ultimate intimacy through the sense of touch. The intensity of passion is an individual thing so I won’t give a playbook on it. The general rules are to be in tune with how your partner reacts to caresses versus firm squeezes. Do they prefer a gentle nip on the neck or long light licks all over their body? A gentle massage combined with kisses may work for some while others may prefer to be pinned by their wrists to the bed as you “devour them. Watch you partners eyes, listen to their sighs, moans or silence. All are good cues as to where and how they want to be touched by you.

Many sexually experienced partners make the mistake of bragging how good they are as lovers. Great sex is more than technique. It is taking what you do know and customizing it to the needs of your partner. Sex has a serious mental component as well which is too often overlooked. If your mind isn’t attracted as much as your physical self, it is difficult to obtain the intense power of true passion which is very distant .from the more primal form of lust. Combining desire, trust, and mental focus unleashes the potency of passion which we express physically.

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