Exploring Temptation: What Would You Do?

Exploring Temptation

Scenario 1

passion_coupleJay stops by Michael’s house frequently. Sure they’re good friends, but Jay has noticed that Mike’s wife Rita is looking really good this summer. He can’t quite figure out why he keeps thinking about her lately. She had always been kind of cool to be around. She smiled easily, chatted a little and never hovered when the guys got together. As Rita stands back to let him into the living room to wait for Michael, he realizes that he’s checking her out. He seems to notice that she is a bit more than cute. The tank top and jeans she wears shows the results of her new workout regimen. Even her glossy painted toes attract his eye. Sexy! Michael is on his way home in the next hour. Jay can’t resist the fantasy that is playing through his head. An hour seems like enough time to plan a way to see if Rita feels attracted to him too. Should he go for it?

Scenario 2

Tamika and Gail have been friends since high school. Tamika was proud to be Gail’s maid of honor at her wedding.  Gail’s husband Kevin was friends with Mika’s boyfriend Roger. They played basketball and went to the gym every weekend. Tamika even had a key to Gail and Kevin’s apartment. Since both had busy work schedules, it was convenient for her to be there for package deliveries for Gail’s event planner business. Tamika lets herself into the apartment.

passion_couple_2Hearing running water, she calls out Gail’s name. When there is no answer she shakes her head. Gail was known to listen to music as she showered. She said it got her pumped up when meeting with her clients. Tamika opens the bathroom door and sees Kevin through the glass shower doors. His back is turned to her. She stands there shocked with her hand on the doorknob. Damn, he’s a good looking man.  Kevin is singing to himself and turns to find Mika staring open-mouthed at him from the doorway. Tamika runs to the living room and sits on the couch wondering what to say.

Kevin was always a guy she would have dated but Gail had met him first. Visions of him in the shower makes her face feel hot. Gail would never know if something were to happen between them Mika thought. After all, She knew she would never have the heart to say anything to her. Kevin appears in the living room still damp from his shower. Tamika can’t stop looking at the towel tucked around his waist. Temptation is strong. What should she do?

Scenario 3

Daria is so excited that her long-time boyfriend has finally popped THE question to marry her. They are out celebrating at her favorite restaurant tonight. She still can’t help the fluttery feeling that starts in the pit of her stomach every time she sees Troy’s smile. The waiter arrives to the table and he is drop dead gorgeous. She chokes on her sip of water when she sees him. The waiter encourages her to slowly sip her water as he pats her back gently. His face shows genuine alarm at her discomfort. Troy rises from his seat but is waved away by Daria who seems to have recovered.

handsome_waiterShe orders from the menu and snatches her hand back abruptly when handing the menu to the waiter causes their hands to meet. Troy, seems unaware of her reaction as he seems lost in the menu options. The waiter offers Troy more time. As Troy concentrates on the menu, the waiter slowly caresses Darias shoulder and winks at her before heading off toward the kitchen.

Daria’s shoulder seems to heat up where the handsome waiter had touched her. Sexy as hell!- she thought to herself as she rubbed her shoulder. She turns to peek in the direction of the kitchen and sees the waiter leaning casually near the bar. He winks at her again and smiles. She turns around, angry with herself for feeling attracted to him. What was wrong with her? The man she loved and was going to marry was sitting right before her. She risked another look in the waiter’s direction only to see him beckoning her with his finger and nod of his head toward the back of the restaurant. She knew the restrooms were there. She did have to use the restroom she told herself as she began to stand.

Would she really have a last minute fling with the handsome stranger? Temptation is strong. What should she do?