Unraveling The Mysteries of Costume Jewelry Care

Jewelry Quick Care 101

Jewelry should capture the immediate notice of those around you. Many of us have favorite pieces that we love so much we rarely take them off. It’s great to have a few “signature” pieces that reflect your style but we must remember that care is needed to keep them looking great to others too!

Today we will talk about easy care tips for our beloved costume jewelry pieces. Some of them may surprise you as they are so simple and handy….

If your costume jewelry looks similar to our Love Spell Rhinestone Set here, these helpful tips will keep it fresh and brand new.

Love Spell Rhinestone Choker with Heart Earrings

Use a very soft cloth to gently wipe your pieces with. This will avoid scratching any stones or dislodging them from their settings. In a pinch, a small child’s toothbrush, an eyeglass cleaning cloth, a washcloth designed for infants, or shammy (chamois) cloth will do nicely if you can’t get actual jeweler’s cloths. If using washcloths, avoid using the ones with terry cloth loops  on both sides as the loops may snag on stone settings and have you searching for falling stones.

If you feel that you must rinse or soak your jewelry (not highly recommended as the stones will sparkle but everything else may rust) soak in cold water with a few drops of a mild dish liquid. You can even try using a gel toothpaste.Warmer water may affect any pieces that have glue in their settings. Swish the jewelry around a few times in the sudsy water. Rinse with clean water and then place on paper towels or hand towel to absorb  water. Pat dry gently. It may be a good idea to use a handheld hair dryer on its cool setting to force out extra water that may be trapped in the settings. Take note that jewelry made of silver or gold plating, that is hand painted or containing cloth fibers should be protected from moisture.

Store your jewelry away from open air and direct sunlight as these promote tarnishing. You can purchase snack size or regular size sandwich baggies to store and protect them in.

You can further protect the longevity of your jewelry by lightly coating your pieces with clear nail polish or a clear acrylic or polyurethane spray paint easily found at your local hardware store! This technique is very useful if you tend to have sensitive skin. The coating places barriers against the actual metal coming into direct contact with your skin in addition to being a nice shield against rust and tarnish.

Keep your jewelry looking new by cleaning it regularly. Soap and oils from fingerprints can significantly detract from the beauty of your pieces. Practice establishing the habit of wiping it down before AND after use. 
Apply makeup, lotions, oils, perfumes  and cosmetics prior to putting on your jewelry. Chemicals in these substances can often harm.As a general rule of thumb: Take off any jewelry when working in the kitchen, garden, or cleaning. Additionally avoid wearing your jewelry when you are washing clothes, swimming, or doing other activities which may bring you into contact with bleach, chlorine or acids.

Now that you have been armed with these tips. Put them to good use. Your reward will be the dazzled eyes of your admirers and that is a great part of enhancing your Goddess Glow!

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